trainers: Jorge Guzmán (swimming) and Pau Blasco (running)

Site: Cala Montjoi (Costa Brava)

Date: from the 6 to the 8 of July of 2018

Accommodation: Cala Montjoi Holiday Village (full board)

Weekend stage to enjoy outdoor sports with the family.

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Detail of the event:

Open Water Swimming Course and Mountain Running on the Costa Brava, staying at Cala Montjoi Holiday Village, where you can enjoy a weekend of sports surrounded by nature. Ideal for those who practice swimrun, triathlon (ironman), swimming in open water and trail running.

A weekend to improve your technique and your competition both swimming and racing in a privileged environment of the Costa Brava such as Cala Montjoi, with paradisiacal coves and spectacular routes by Cap de Norfeu.

We will do swimming and running technique workshops, with video recording and analysis of the points of improvement of each one and how to correct them, as well as crossings swimming by the sea and routes by the mountain doing trail.

It is not a stage of high performance but neither of initiation. You need a minimum of competition in both swimming and running to enjoy the stage. However, having two coaches in all activities we can make two groups to adapt to the different rhythms and needs of the participants.

We also offer the alternative of being able to swim, totally or partially, with a kayak. We also offer the alternative of being able to make the mountain routes, totally or partially, by hiking.

Pau Blasco, mountain running trainer, triathlon enthusiast and ironman 3 times, will be in charge of directing trail running training so you can enjoy the mountain.

Jorge Guzmán, personal trainer of swimming in open waters and great passionate of the sea, will be in charge of directing swimming training so you can enjoy the sea.

We hope to transmit the passion we feel for outdoor sports and especially for swimming in the sea and mountain running.

We are waiting for you at the Stage Terra i Mar that will take place this summer 2018, from 6 to 8 in July.





FRIDAY 06 / 07 / 2018:

- From the 19.00: reception and welcome

- 20.00: Briefing (explanation of the program of activities of the Stage Terra i Mar).


SATURDAY 07 / 07 / 2018:

- Morning session: swimming (with support kayak).

Individualized video recording of the swimming technique of each participant.

Advice in situ, on the technique of each and points to improve.

Group technique workshop to improve the technique of swimming in open water.

Swim in open water by the coves of Cala Montjoi.

* Participants who prefer to combine swimming with kayak times may do so because we will have support kayaks. Those who want to do the whole kayak trip will also be able to do it.

- Afternoon session: mountain running (or hiking).

Individualized video recording of each participant's career technique.

Advice in situ, on the technique of each and points to improve.

Group technique workshop to improve the career technique.

Departure to run through the mountains.

* Participants who prefer hiking and enjoy the landscape, the mountain, the Cap de Norfeu, at another speed they can do it. We will do two groups, some that will run with a coach and others who will go hiking with the other coach.

- Before dinner:

Individual session to review the videos of each participant to record what they have learned during the day.


SUNDAY 08 / 07 / 2018:

- Morning session: team activity doing a route that combines stretches of swimming in open water and mountain running.

Activity to encourage collaboration, teamwork, strategy, companionship.

- Closing and farewell meal of the Stage Terra i Mar.

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