Salas Events

Cala Montjoi rooms Event
Mairie room

more comfortable and better equipped room. Its main function is intended for small events that require more special services, more personal and / or proprietary.

Features: comfortable sofas, armchairs, and poof distributed throughout the room. Bar bar serving cocktails, ladies and gentlemen service, warehouse, LED lighting, lectern, projector and screen, television, air conditioning with heat pump,

Equipment: Mini stereo, DVD player, projector, screen, TV, piped music,

Speakers and micro: YES

Capacity: 40-50 people

Main uses: meetings, celebrations, training, private events,


Seminar room
Seminar room

Designed for more intimate events, we have several tables and comfortable distributed by that room chairs. Their arrangement is ideal for groups between 25 and 80 people.

Facilities: bar area services for men and ladies, store, LED lighting, podium, lectern.

Equipment: equalizer, projector, screen, several televisions with HDMI player, mixing console, amplifier, CD player

Speakers and micro: 2 micros

Capacity: 150 people

Main uses: conventions, presentations, meetings, team building,

Events Tent Room
Marquee room

Intended for celebrations and parties. With an area of ​​200 square meters, it is the perfect place for diverse activities. Composed of twenty tables (round or rectangular) can be distributed in different ways at the convenience of the event to be performed. At the bottom of this room there is a stage, large-scale, offering the possibility of locating a presidential table or file any act.

Facilities: bar area, dance area, ladies and gentlemen service abroad.

Equipment: Mixer, aplificador

Speakers and micro: YES

Capacity: 150 people

Main uses: parties, musical performances and other celebrations ... ..

Cala Montjoi rooms and enventos
Theater room

It is the largest room in the Vacation City. Designed for large events and with a stage at the end of 6.7 meters in length by 3.20 in width. Access ladder on the sides and the possibility of another in the center.

Features: Line LED lights, curtain dressing room lights and Sound area.


Speakers and micro: YES

Capacity: 250 people

Main uses: presentations, musical performances, plays, conferences ....

Game room

This type of space is mainly for board games or reading room. Permanently open, they can use during their stay freely this room. Ideal for moments of rest and fun.

Features: Several tables, chairs and a sofa.

Team: NO

Speakers and micro: NO

Capacity: 10-20 people

Main uses: board games (cards, dice,….), Reading various press, etc….