The Bay of Roses among the most beautiful in the world

It is an honor to be one of the most beautiful areas of the world. And not just what we say, but the Bay of Roses, where our city Cala Montjoi, is considered one of the most amazing bays and is located in the prestigious "Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World".

United by the beauty of world geography, namely the union between sea and land, in 1997 was created this international association that brings together the best bays in the world. Since then, bays of all countries compete to have the reputation of being able to say they're inside the club.

To join this select club must meet very specific requirements: be subject to protective measures, have a fauna and flora of high interest include notable and attractive natural areas, be known and appreciated at local and national level, be emblematic for the local population and have some economic potential. Only 38 bays in the world meet the conditions and are in the club, and one of them is on the Costa Brava we are happy and we are proud.

Roses Cala Montjoi Costa Brava

Roses Cala Montjoi Costa Brava

The Bay of Roses, located between the Cap de Creu and the Massif de Montgri, offers unparalleled beauty. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, has three natural parks with vegetation and fauna of the area, long kilometers of spectacular beaches and historic sites such as the ruins of Ampurias, where there are some Greek remains and most important Roman of Spain. A combination of beauty, culture and unique nature.

If you stay in Cala Montjoi you can also enjoy the wide range of sports that is both our vacation town and the bay in general, and the amazing Mediterranean cuisine that stands out for its delicious taste.

Experience the paradise of Costa Brava in one of the most special places in the world, the Bay of Roses. A perfect place for nature lovers and sports fans outdoor destination.

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