Cancellation Insurance

The events that will lead to the reimbursement of expenses are those indicated below
provided that such events occur after the reservation is made and
that directly affect the Insured:
1 guarantee: Serious illness, serious accident or death, unexpected call for
surgery, complications of pregnancy or spontaneous abortion, or citation for
organ transplant of the insured, spouse, descendants of first and second degree or
companion registered in the reserve, or, medical quarantine that affects the insured.
· The Insured, his spouse, ascendants or descendants of the first or second
grade, parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandmothers, grandchildren, granddaughters,
brothers-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, in-laws or domestic partners.
· The insured's companion, registered in the same reservation.
For the purposes of insurance coverage, it is understood as:
Serious illness of the Insured, the alteration of health, verified by a professional
doctor, who forces the patient to remain in bed and that implies the cessation of any
activity, professional or private.
Serious accident of the Insured, any bodily injury that derives from a violent, sudden cause,
external and beyond the intentionality of the injured, whose consequences prevent him from normal
displacement of your habitual residence.
When the illness or accident affects any of the aforementioned persons, other than
insured, it will be understood as serious when it implies hospitalization or involves risk
of imminent death.
The consequences of illness or accident that have occurred with
prior to the date of effect of the insurance or those that were of diseases
The insured death that gives right to compensation, according to the
terms and conditions of this insurance, must have occurred with maximum notice
to the start date of the trip of 10 days and always after the effective date
2 warranty: Serious damages as a result of theft, fire or other similar causes
that affect the dwelling of the Insured.
· The habitual and / or secondary residence of the Insured.
· The professional premises in which the Insured exercises a liberal profession, that is, the
direct operator (manager).
And that necessarily imply the presence of the Insured.
3 Guarantee: Job dismissal of the Insured, provided that at the beginning of the insurance there was no
verbal or written communication.
4 Guarantee: Call to the Insured as part or member of a jury or witness of a
court of justice or as a member of a polling station
5 Guarantee: Acts of aerial, land or naval piracy, which makes it impossible for the Insured to initiate or
the continuation of your trip. All terrorist acts are excluded.
6 Guarantee: Theft of documentation or luggage that prevents the Insured from initiating or
continue your trip.
7 guarantee: For breakdown or accident of the vehicle owned by the Insured or his spouse, which
it irrefutably prevents you from beginning your journey.
This coverage is limited to vehicle repair invoice greater than 600 € and / or
a reparation period accredited expertly superior to 8 hours.
9 Guarantee: Call to the Insured for the presentation and signature of official documents
known and communicated in writing after booking the trip.
This policy has a lack of 30 days. It also does not grant coverage to people
older than 70 years.
This booklet fulfills a totally orientative function and in no case can be considered
this as a definitor of the contracted guarantees or their limits.