Hiking: Cala Montjoi Cala Joncols-Cala-Montjoi

The tour starts from the track that goes from Cala Montjoi to Cala Joncols. Once you arrive at the foot of Cap Norfeu, you enter a small path towards Cala Joncols. In this part of the route (about 3 kms) you will find that the road goes up and down, but without great difficulty.
Once past the first gap and overcome 200 meters, Cala Joncols be seen.
The same route back can also be done on the track but are made 4 kms more and is not as attractive and beautiful as that detailed.

Distance: 7,75 Km.
Vertical Drop +: 263 meters
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 3 hours.

Happy tour !!!

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