The commitment of Cala Montjoi to Environment: ISO 14001

Cala Montjoi holiday city is in a privileged location in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, To 7 km from the villa RosesIn a quiet cove surrounded by mountains, which makes it an ideal place to spend a few days break or a fun vacation, and therefore makes the following statement environmental policyWhich it is available to all the activities and facilities They found in our area, acquiring a set of principles and commitments in environmental matters.

The main principles and commitments are based on the following points:

Cala Montjoi certificat medi ambient

  • Involve all stakeholders in this matter from the staff of Cala Montjoi, as well as suppliers who provide any type of gender or product to our customers, carrying out tasks of information and awareness for the preservation of the environment that we surrounds, and generate the least possible impact.
  • The development of all activities performed in the Holiday Resort in harmony with the values ​​of landscape protection, based on a model of efficient land management, the environment and natural resources.
  • Encouraging geological, botanical, faunistic, ecological and landscape values ​​that are present and promote their knowledge and their interpretation.
  • Promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energies.
  • The reduction, as far as possible water consumption.
  • Promote the selective collection of waste generated by customers, placing containers for each type of those.
  • Promote environmental activities, educational, cultural education and knowledge of the environment.
  • The Directorate is committed to comply with legal requirements applicable to facilities and the natural surroundings of the Holiday City Cala Montjoi.
  • Propane gas supply replacing diesel.
  • Implementation of an internal regulation, which reports on the fundamental rules for coexistence and aspects inherent in the care of the facilities and green areas distributed throughout the entire building.
  • Therefore, the City holidays Cala Montjoi, since 2.010, 14.001 obtained the environmental certificate, certified by the company TUV Rheiland, implementing improvement goals year after year and submitting to control the inspection agency annually.


Cala Montjoi is a privileged location for diving. The area, sparsely built, is located in a still virgin and beautiful secluded area. Around and within walking distance, some of the points most famous Natural Park of Cap de Creus diving, we offer funds characterized by extensive walls of gorgonians, where we find lobsters, moray eels, conger eels and countless species they will delight any diver.


Holiday Village Cala Montjoi is located in a privileged location in the Cap de Creus Natural Park. A 7 km from the village of Roses, in a peaceful cove surrounded by mountains, make it an ideal place to spend a few days of rest or an entertaining vacation.

The stay includes accommodation in bungalows, complete alimony (free buffet) and a wide variety of sports activities (kayaks, tennis, mini-golf, squash, indoor football, basketball, archery, with carbine, etc.). )

The development of all these activities is done by minimizing environmental impacts and maintaining the natural environment.

The Management and all employees of the Holiday Village Cala Montjoi are aware of the importance of the conservation of this natural environment, take into account this premise in the operation of the facilities and services

The Management and all the employees of the Holiday Village Cala Montjoi work together with the users and suppliers in the sense of preventing pollution and improving the environmental environment in which the facilities are located.

The Directorate is committed to comply with legal requirements applicable to facilities and the natural surroundings of the Holiday City Cala Montjoi.

There are and are reviewed objectives and control methods to ensure compliance with this Environmental Policy.


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