Don't forget to visit Los Aiguamolls de l 'Empordá !!!

One of the main wetlands in Catalonia. Located in the region of 'Alt Empordà, in Roses - Girona, between the mouths of the Fluviá and Muga rivers, in addition to the protection of the Natural Park, it is a space that presents Comprehensive Natural Reserves of high environmental value.

Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l 'Empordà

Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l 'Empordà

The park stands out for its extensive biodiversity, both flora and fauna and consists of a set of ponds, closed and floodplain meadows that are a privileged habitat for waterbirds. The mammals that can be found in the park are the otter, the polecat, badger, fox, genet, weasel, wild boar and fallow deer. In addition there are more than 300 species of birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.

Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l 'Empordà

Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l 'Empordà

Within the framework of the Aiguamolls, we can differentiate three broad areas of vegetation: marine sands, marjales and la aguanosa. In the first place, we can discover species habituated to saline soils, such as salicores, halophilic júniors and limonium. The hurdles establish the entire system of ditches and channels; in the pastureland of the interior there are grasslands surrounded by elm trees or small-leaved ash trees; However, on the margins of the rivers they have riparian formations such as marsh with cattail or willows. In the most watery environments and interior lagoons we can find quite peculiar species in Catalonia, not only of higher plants but also of lichens, fungi and mosses.

Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l 'Empordà

Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l 'Empordà

The Park can be visited either on foot or by bicycle enjoying several itineraries

Itinerary 1: from Cortalet to Mas del Matà, 2,5 km. *

Itinerary 2:  from Mas del Matà to the "Llaunes", 2,3 km. *

Itinerary 3: route around the Integral Reserve of the "Llaunes", 8,2 km.

Itinerary 4: from Cortalet to Estanys Europa, 4 km.

Itinerary 5: Mig of two Rius, 1,5 km.

Itinerary of Vilaüt: route through the Vilaüt reserve, 2 km.

Literary Itinerary: from Mas del Matà to Cortalet, 2,5 km.

Ruta dels Estanys: circular route from Castelló to Palau-Saverdera, 32 km. (Recommended for bicycles)

Natural itinerary of the Fluvià: circular route along the south bank of the Fluvià, 8,6 km. (Recommended for bicycles)

General route map: global vision of the itineraries of the Park.

* The 1 and 2 itineraries, starting with the Cortalet, are adapted for people with mobility problems, wheelchair and baby stroller. If your wheelchair has a motor or it is too big to pass through the doors, the key will be provided in the Information Center to open them.