COVID-19 measures 2020 season

Below we detail the hygienic-sanitary measures that we implement in 2020:

The Cala Montjoi Resort Management has decided to reduce its usual capacity in order to allow the maximum possible spaces and to enjoy the activities and access to the facilities in the most orderly and safe way.

Regarding the use of masks, we will follow at all times as dictated by the competent authorities the regulation of the mandatory use of their use.

Below we inform you, more specifically, of the implementation of the preventive measures that we have planned and that we are planning this season.


It is a fundamental value for Cala Montjoi, the celebration of activities for all age groups (mini, junior and teenagers club) and for adults.

Our commitment and firmness in maintaining them is maximum and we will endeavor to the extent possible and under current regulations to carry out all activities safely and with regulated distances.

WE LOOK AT THE TEMPERATURE: The entertainers will take their temperature twice a day (morning and afternoon). Likewise, the children of the mini club will also take their temperature. If they have a temperature equal to or greater than 37.7ºC, they will not be able to participate in the activities.

HYDROALCHOLIC GEL: There will be hydrogel boats in different parts of the resort (mini club, animation chalet, kayaks ...) so that everyone can disinfect their hands before doing an activity. The entertainers will also carry a hydrogel bottle with them.

USE OF MASKS: The use of masks is mandatory.

DISTANCE OF 2 METERS: In all activities, an attempt will be made to maintain a distance of 2 meters. Measures will be taken to delimit the safety space. At the moment, there will be no directed contact sports activities.

DISINFECTION: After each activity the material will be disinfected. At noon and in the afternoon the spaces used will be thoroughly disinfected.

ANIMATION VILLA: We prioritize that clients bring their own material from home to play; Even so, we will have material available and this will be disinfected after each use. As always you will have to reserve the spaces including the miniature golf and the ping pong tables.

BABYCLUB: Given the difficulty of disinfecting all the material among users, this space will be closed to the public this 2020 season.

MINICLUB: The capacity will vary according to the recommendations of the competent health authorities. Manual activities will be carried out with prior registration and outdoor activities will be prioritized. It is recommended that children bring a bottle of water with them so that they can drink and wear the swimsuit.

MAXICLUB: The capacity will vary according to the recommendations of the competent health authorities. Outdoor activities will be prioritized. Children should be aware that they must maintain a safe distance, although those who live in the same bungalow may stay together.

ADOS AND ADULTS: The capacity for activities will vary according to the recommendations and outdoor activities will be prioritized. For quizzes and bingo it is recommended that customers bring a pen from home.

FITNESS: No material (mats, weights ...) will be left to customers. Mandatory to bring a towel for individual use. The capacity will be marked by the recommendations of the competent health authorities.

KAYAK / PADDLESURF: We will continue to rent kayaks and paddlesurf to our clients. Indispensable to bring a shirt to wear under the life jacket. As always, you must book in advance and only those who live in the same bungalow can go together. Reservations in the animation chalet.

MINIDISCO: We will always try to maintain the safety distance between families. Depending on the number of people, the minidisc will be performed on the stage or on the green court and a space will be marked for each family.

SHOWS: As every year the animation team will offer you some shows. We will try to maintain clubber's as long as possible to maintain the safe distance between dancers.

KARAOKE AND DISCOTECA: Evolution according to the competent sanitary recommendations.

GYM: Open from 06/07. The capacity is limited and the use will be made prior reservation in the animation chalet, where they will inform you of the schedule.

POOL: Access to the facility will vary depending on current regulations. Currently its capacity will be limited to one third of its capacity. It can be accessed with prior registration and with a maximum use of one hour to guarantee its use to all customers.

BEACH: You can access the beach. Customers are responsible for maintaining the minimum safety distance between them. We will continue to carry out recreational activities delimiting the space.


We have reduced the capacity of the restaurant to gain more space and looser passage areas, generating a more fluid and comfortable traffic, allowing safer and calmer movements.

In order to make access as fluid as possible and without queues, new entrances to the restaurant will be enabled, for each of the dining rooms and a single exit.

At the entrances you will find disinfectant solutions (gel or hydroalcoholic type) for hand washing.

We will locate at the entrance and inside the dining room the appropriate indications informing of the main guidelines that must be followed.

An itinerary or tour of the restaurant will be marked to avoid as far as possible crowds or crossings with other people.

The tables will be installed on the edge a protection system with screens that prevents possible contact between people who circulate in the hallways and those who are sitting.

Room service personnel will wear a mask whenever it is not possible to maintain a safe distance from the client.

The elements and equipment in common use such as cruets, salt cellars, oil cans, sugar cubes, etc ... are replaced by a single-dose system.

The conventional buffet as it has been used today will vary and a system assisted by the room waiter is implemented, serving each customer and serving what they want from the buffet itself.

The food presented in the buffet will be protected by screens to prevent possible contamination risks that may occur.

Some of the services will be dispensed in individual containers offering the greatest variety possible to ensure that they can select from various options and adapted to each taste.

To avoid possible contagion, the dining room sink will remain closed.

We will apply the best possible ventilation system (either through air conditioning and / or external ventilation) so that the air circulates at all times and does not remain stagnant inside, in the same way the entire premises will be ventilated before opening .


At Montjoi Diving Center we want to guarantee, as much as possible, the safety of our clients as well as that of our workers against this pandemic. For this reason, we indicate the security measures that all of us must adopt. Follow this link for more information:



Security and distance zones will be established, through signage or markers that indicate the places that must remain to avoid crowds.

We will reinforce the frequency and intensity of hygiene and cleaning throughout this area.

We will expedite all check-in procedures to avoid contact, as well as the rest of the services that we usually offer at reception (bonds, replacement material in bungalows, purchase of tickets for excursions, etc ...)


Use of PPE's: all the personnel will have hydroalcoholic gel, gloves and masks that they will use in the service, as well as all the rest of the necessary material to avoid any possible contagion.

Our staff will receive concrete training in safety and hygiene and more in-depth at COVID-19.

They will follow protocols implemented by the company, with actions aimed at monitoring cleaning in all premises through internal records.


We will reinforce cleaning and disinfection in all buildings and facilities that you regularly visit. The opening and capacity of closed facilities in which more than 20 people can gather will be limited depending on the provisions in force at all times and in any case whenever necessary to ensure adequate distance between users.

The ventilation conditions of the facilities and rooms will be adapted, according to sanitary recommendations to maintain the best possible air quality at all times.

We will locate dispensers with hydroalcoholic solutions and / or disinfecting gels or soap at designated points to ensure proper disinfection for users of the facilities.

We will adapt the common services to respect the distancing and security measures recommended by the competent administration / s.

We will point out with posters or informative material the precautions and measures to be followed in each facility / location.

Preferential circulation circuits will be established for customers to move between the facilities, in order to optimize the safety distance between people.