We want your holiday in Roses are full of fun and joy!

That is why we propose a Cala Montjoi source entreteinment activities
designed for children and adults compartáis unforgettable experiences!

Take part at any time of day activities, workshops or sports that our entertainers,
and enjoy the perfect environment to make the most of your family holidays
and the essence of the Costa Brava



Vocational animation day and night for adults and children of all ages, various shows and especially fun guaranteed during your stay.

Available from 23/6 to 11/09, low season from Friday night to Sunday noon.


  • Foreign shows
  • new Activities
  • Crafts and Workshops
  • Children's Pool
  • Club Dances
  • Shows Animation Team
  • minidisco
Joi, the mascot of Montjoi

Joi, a fox with a lot of rhythm, who loves to move your feet and make you dance. And above all, make children happy!

Almost every night, Joi appears on stage and dances with children in the MINI-DISCO rhythm of the song !!

And then you can take a picture with your pet !!!!


Mini club in the Costa Brava
Montjoi's Club

Different daytime entertainment programs tailored by age.


  • Baby club
  • Children's club
  • Junior club
  • Club adolencentes

Competitions, tournaments, games, workshops, theme days, gymkhanas, dances ..., participate in everything freely, with friends or other clients and take advantage of staying in shape while having fun.


  • Paddle
  • Miniature golf
  • BTT and Excursions
  • Volleyball
  • Fitness room
  • Futbito and Basket (1 × 1)
  • boules
  • Squash
  • Kayaks
  • Tennis
  •  Archery
  • Diving
Cala Montjoi Costa Brava Animation Excursions Hiking

In natural park of Cap de Creus, home to many roads and trails of extraordinary beauty. A paradise that deserves to be visited by the intrinsic beauty of the place and the feeling of wellbeing that feel to cross it.


  • Trekking
  • Barco
  • Mountain bike routes