Rules of Procedure




Art. 1º. Everyone who signs up and go to the City holidays Cala Montjoi is obliged to comply with this Regulation and other provisions contained in the legislation (O.11 / 7 / 86.Art.30.1). This regulation is part of any particular provision of the Holiday Resort of Cala Montjoi to be exposed publicly.

Art. 2º. the entry is not permitted to under 16 years not accompanied by a person over age explicitly take responsibility for
the child's behavior.

Art.3º. entry to those who are debtors to the company for services rendered prior and whose amounts have not been made effective in their day permitted.

Art.4º. Pets are allowed in the Holiday Resort of Cala Montjoi.

Art.5º. The customer must prove both their identity and that of his companions, with the necessary documentation and determined the Holiday Resort as essential for registration.

Art.6º. Current rates are set forth in the official poster. Prices apply per person according to the number of overnight stays. The day of the Holiday Resort of Cala Montjoi end at 10 hours on departure day. Subsequent outputs, to the 12h, accruing a charge of € 40 by
person and from that time another day will be billed.

Art.7º. All overnight stays will be made in the bungalows or rooms intended for that purpose, and remains prohibited any other type of element to replace implanted in the Holiday Resort.

Art.8º. Any service City Cala Montjoi vacation pay, without justification the current tourism legislation has absolutely voluntary character, so it may suspend its provision.

Art.9º. the smallest possible vehicle use is recommended in the Holiday Resort of Cala Montjoi, limiting their speed 10km / h. use sports, leisure or practical driving any kind of vehicles, especially motor being violators of this rule are not allowed to charge
civil or criminal of any accident.

Art.10º. no entry to people staying at the Holiday Resort of Cala Montjoi is not allowed. In exceptional cases the visitor can obtain authorization to introduce under their responsibility, family and / or friends, for a limited time previously noted, depositing document proving their identity.
The visitor is obliged to comply with the rules of this Regulation or of procedure. Visitors must leave the premises before the deadline established. and in no case can stay overnight without prior registration and payment.

Art.11º. Quiet hours will be from the 24 .to 8h: 00h. During these, the client will avoid any kind of noise or voices and cover the sound and lighting equipment so that it does not disturb your neighbors.

Art.12º. Obligations
a) Submit to the particular rules of Address City holidays Cala Montjoi aimed at maintaining order and proper functioning.
b) To respect the existing vegetation, avoiding actions and the use of elements that damage.
c) Respect the facilities in general using them properly and leaving them in a position for a new use.
d) To respect the logical rules of coexistence and public order, taking extreme care if possible, in consideration of the peculiarities of the activity of the Holiday Resort of Cala Montjoi.
e) Communicate to the Department of City holidays Cala Montjoi cases of contagious disease.
f) Collect all waste in closed bags, depositing them in containers that exist for this purpose.
g) To pay the services used according to established rates and conditions.
h) Abandoning the summer resort at the end of the contracted stay.
i) Take precautions for the safety of their belongings and values.
j) Customers City Cala Montjoi holidays and non-housed people must always shoes and dresses (minimum with summer clothes) within the premises.

Art.13º. prohibitions
a) Disrupting the rest of the other guests during quiet hours.
b) Practice games or sports that may be dangerous or disturbing others.
c) Turn on the ground any type of fire, butane gas cookers or electric, or charcoal barbecue.
d) be in possession of any weapons or objects that could cause an accident.
e) Abandoning waste outside the containers intended for it.
f) Tender unauthorized clothing or where they may damage or harm the property, hygiene or appearance of the summer resort locations.
g) To install fences, hurdles or awnings in the bungalows, as well as any other element.
h) Carry out any kind of act that may damage or harm the property, hygiene or aspect of the CV.
i) For obvious reasons it is strictly forbidden to introduce or remove food, beverages or equipment in the restaurant.
j) vehicles must park in the area for this, the parking. Only it is allowed to park in the vicinity of the bungalows for a short period of time (max. 30 min.) To load or unload luggage.
k) is not allowed to drive with skateboards, skates, scooters, bicycles or mopeds within the City holidays Cala Montjoi.

Art.14º. consumption of food or drink, that have been acquired outside the Holiday Resort, anywhere on the premises, except within the bungalows or rooms is strictly prohibited.

Art.15º. In the event of default or neglect, the Department of City holidays Cala Montjoi may transfer personal items to a new location outside the accommodation area, to give free bungalow. The CV is not responsible for the goods withdrawn more than 7 days term from the day of departure.

Art.16º. The payment is made at a certain percentage up front and the rest of the payment will be at the customer's arrival to the Holiday Resort in Cala Montjoi.

Art.17º. The customer who contravenes any aspect of this Regulation shall be asked to leave the Holiday Village Cala Montjoi and if he did not voluntarily, shall be expelled by the Directorate, who is officially authorized to do so, requisitioning if it were necessary to the aid of the forces of public order.

Art.18º. The company's Holiday City Cala Montjoi not responsible for theft, theft or damage of any kind that may be victims customers who do not deposit their belongings in the safes are available for a small rent, reception. Nor will respond
for damage caused by fires caused by the customers themselves or their belongings, atmospheric incidents or any other cause external to the enterprise.

Art.19º. The client, by the mere fact of enrolling in the Holiday Resort of Cala Montjoi, accepts meet and give its consent to this Internal Regulations and all other special provisions to which the second paragraph of Article 1º concerns.

Art. 20º. For any controversy that may arise due to the interpretation of these Internal Regulations, THE PARTS agree that, with respect to judicial submission, the provisions of Article 90 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws or, failing that, any other legislation that is applicable at the national, regional or supranational level.